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About Tapis Rouge

From a simple flight booking to the complete organisation of a business manifestation. Le-tapis-rouge.com are available 365 days a year to meet your requirements. Their secret address book makes the least of your desires come true: "Let us show you what a VIP you are".

For a transfer from the airport to the hotel with a hostess waiting for you when getting out of the plane, for a trip round Sofia,Varna, a business trip on the magic black sea to an excursion in the mystical balkan mountains. For all your requests, le-tapis-rouge.com will arrange everything on your behalf so you just have to enjoy the service you choose: VIP services, business club, opportunities and other affairs.

Le-tapis-rouge.com maintains the best of traditional values while continually introducing new service standards and more and more connecting people. Guests, here have the assurance of friendly and highly professional staff combined with the advantage of all our Bulgarian connections.

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